From Our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is amazing to think about the challenges and changes that the people of St. Andrew’s have seen over the last 58 years. From this church’s humble beginnings in a storefront in Eagleville, we have been showered with blessings we could not have imagined. Our connections to the community and the broader church remain strong. However, it has been our faithfulness to our mission to lift up Jesus to this community in worship, education, and service that has challenged us to be continually expanding our mission center at Egypt and Crawford Roads, which many call their home church. Who knew decades ago that the establishment and growth of our Nursery School and Sunday School, increased worship attendance, and an expansion of program would result in a new worship space, expansion of classroom space and offices, and the purchase of an adjacent property and house?

Likewise, as recently as twenty years ago, we could never have imagined a thriving ministry with Seniors (from the surrounding neighborhood and Shannondell), the continued strength of our Sunday School and Nursery School where many other churches have experienced significant decline, strong worship attendance with rich and varied worship opportunities, and a growing music program (including an overflowing choir loft during some seasons of the year).

As we gather around our capital campaign, “Grounded In Faith, Growing in Service,” the work that will go forth will have a tremendous impact on our community and our mission together.

  • Deferred maintenance will be addressed, infrastructure will be strengthened, and there will be significant improvements to the safety, security, and accessibility of our building. This will be an incredible blessing to our congregational life and community groups who use our space regularly, and will result in future generations spending less money on maintenance and repairs and more on ministry.
  • Our worship space will be more open, flexible, and inviting for guests, musicians, and all who gather around Word and Sacrament.
  • Our new entrances, narthex, elevator, restrooms, and hospitality area will be far more welcoming, especially for children, youth, and families, our guests, our senior citizens, and those who are challenged by disabilities.
  • Improvements to our Sunday School / Nursery School area will provide far greater security and better traffic flow for our children and families.
  • Additional parking and storage will help to address growing pains as a congregation.
  • More open flexible space will be available for future generations who may embrace worship, education, and hospitality in very different ways from today.

These are exciting opportunities but we will need the prayers and support of everyone to make this a reality. We will continue to help the congregation and community to better understand this initiative and will be asking each of you to discern how you can generously support these efforts with your financial commitment, your time, your attitude, and your prayers. We will be partnering with Kirby-Smith Associates, a development consultant who has helped churches achieve their goals since 1938.

We hope and pray that this will not only be a time of renewal of our building but also a renewal of our hearts and our commitment to serve Christ in, with, and through this community.

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Mueller

The St. Andrew’s church family remains Grounded in Faith as we look toward the future, serving both the needs of our congregation and the surrounding community. We are called to proclaim God’s love through worship, education and service.

The planned building renovation and expansion project will help ensure that St. Andrew’s will continue Growing in Service for years to come. We will make our building more accessible, so that everyone can more fully participate in the community we share. We will make our building safer for church programs and community building usage, starting with early childhood education and continuing through to the senior community. We will make our building more flexible, so that we are prepared to continue our mission to lift Jesus up to our community in the generations to come.

A Message from Our Capital Campaign Chair

Our building renovation and expansion project provides us with a wonderful opportunity to continue to “Lift up Jesus in Worship, Education and Service” for generations to come. A question that we must ask ourselves is what is each generation’s responsibility to the one that follows?

Psalm 145:4 tells us “One generation shall praise Your works to another.”

Some say it is the duty of every generation of Christians to see that the next generation hears about the mighty acts of God. God does not drop a new Bible from heaven on every generation. He intends that the older generation will pass along this treasure of faith with an understanding of what our witness means within our church and our community.

Our building renovation and expansion plans provide future generations and current church members with an opportunity to grow in Christian community and let others experience His strength and support through our ministries. Within the next few weeks you will receive invitations to join us at meetings in October to learn more about the capital campaign. We will be asking for your 3-year pledge to support the building renovation and expansion project. The campaign will run through November and we will ask for your final approval to proceed with the building project in January.

The prior generations of St. Andrew’s have provided a home for our Christian life. Now it is our turn to “praise His works to the next generations.”

— Gregg Wagner, Capital Campaign Chair